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I have always loved Jennifer Estep’s ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN URBAN FANTASY SERIES. Gin Blanco is a BADASS! I think this is one series that could go on indefinitely and never finished unless Gin died and then there could be a second series off of the secondary characters. Speaking of, Estep does such an excellent job bringing Gin’s closest friends and families into the limelight as developed characters.
In this installment, Gin must save her brother, Finn from himself and his… drum roll, please… Dead Mother! Ok, well this is Gin Blanco’s life so no one is ever really dead, right?
Finn’s role is so well done. You can feel the need to be loved by this woman he has only known as having abandoned him. And, of course, she’s a manipulative, cold-hearted (haha- see what I did with that?) Ice elemental. And she is much too powerful for her own and everyone else;s good. She is also extremely greedy and will take anyone down who gets in her way to get what she wants.
Watch as Gin must overcome debilitating guilt and the backstabbing underworld with the help of scrumptious lover, Owen, and lovely sister, Bria.

Bitter Bite is told in a way that even though I missed a couple of installments before, I never got lost. I believe this series could almost be standalone’s after reading the first couple of books to get the background information.

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Thanks to Netgalley, Jennifer Estep and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for this digital edition for a review of my honest opinion.