DLBlogTourBannerTitle: Delicate Love

Author: Josephine Brierley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 5 February

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Life has dealt some heavy blows to Mackenzie Tillar. Bullied as a child, and no one to turn to, the one person, who was meant to protect her, to raise her, and surround her with unconditional love, had let her down. Kenzie learnt to deal with life in her own promiscuous way. Until that one fateful night when she met Sam, now she was contemplating breaking the very rules she had instigated.

For Samuel Edwards, being orphaned at a very young age meant that he found his own way in life. He lives it as he pleases, no room for relationships, no belief in love. It was never a part of his life. He’d never craved it, and never missed it. Until one night when he meets his match with Kenzie, she has the same rules, same fears.

They are both void of love, both not even searching for anything else. Fate brings them together, and thirty-six questions ignite a spark in them both. Could thirty-six questions lead to love? It was an experiment worth exploring.

Now they are playing a game, a game that suggests more, but is it more than they have bargained for?

** This book is Part 1 in a series, but is a stand-alone. There is no cliffhanger.

**This book contains some sexual content and disturbing situations. Over 18 years


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DL Review

When I started the book, I was confused because it started out in a way that made me think it was a nonfiction self-help marriage relationship book. Once it started with the chapters, I quickly became engrossed and couldn’t stop. I really liked the way each point of view was separated by headings.
Why can’t Sam be real? I just love a man that knows what he wants and is willing to not only fight his demons but hers as well.
I loved the way Mackenzie and Sam used the questions to learn about each other and broke down each other’s barriers. I loved how they each learned about themselves and was able to come to terms with their pasts and grieve for what could’ve been but realizing at the same time they would not have been as strong as they were without the experiences they had. Strong 4 1/2 stars!
Thank you, Author Josephine Brierley and LLEP Book Blog & Promotions Group for allowing me the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review.

My most favorite quote in the entire book is 

It takes courage to love and to be loved. But as it takes hold, you realise that the love given to you is an amazing sacrifice, to love someone unconditionally, to be there in whatever terms are set, good, bad, or indifferent. To know their quirks, likes, and dislikes, to finish each other’s sentences, or phoning each other at the same time. Compromising, agreeing, planning. Knowing whatever life throws your way, that person is a lynchpin. They are the constant in your life, and you are the constant in theirs. That’s what she is. She is my person.

Strong 4 1/2 stars!



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Josephine (Jo) is that person that watches the world turn, studying the characters that exist in life each day, finding different personalities, traits and attributes that can be worked into the stories that flow into her head.

She loves the escapism of writing, finding the time to create new characters whenever she can. With the support and encouragement of her husband, Jo has completed her second novel.

Delicate Love is an adult contemporary romance, with just a touch of anguish. Its real life, mixed with angst and romance. The story revolves around 36 questions that were originally written as an experiment by Arthur Aron, 41 years ago. His aim at the time was to have a couple fall in love within his laboratory, to prove that intimacy could be encouraged. The laboratory part sounds romantic doesn’t it?

Chasing Butterflies was Jo’s debut novel, and is a story she decided she wanted to tell after her own experience with breast cancer. In July 2012, Jo decided that a Bilateral Mastectomy was the best option for her after being diagnosed. Thankfully she was given the all clear after her surgery. It is a story based loosely on her own breast cancer journey, a story of a young woman who faces decisions that no one should have to and finds love along the way.

Jo lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, with her husband Rob, and pet dog Paris. Together they love entertaining, good times with friends and enjoying life.





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