Breaking Down Sydney (A Sydney West Novel Book 2)Breaking Down Sydney by Brittney Coon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Breaking Down Sydney is Book 2 of the Sydney West Novel series. We continue to follow, not only Sydney and Jason but also Amelia and Hunter.
I rate this book at a 4 star because the story is well written and the characters and events are both heart wrenching and believable. There are some terrifying events and some that crush her heart and soul. But she has to learn how to lean on those that love her and decide if she wants to believe in love or continue to push everyone away.
I did not like how weak willed and defeated Sydney was in this book. She was such a take charge, live life by the seat of your pants, take nothing off of nobody, force to be reckoned with in book one but is so depressed and defeated and needy in this one. Once you read the events that take place, it is understandable. I just hope that book 3 portrays her as both independent with the ability to depend on others also.