Teaser.jpgRevival by Kate Vine

Wow! This book hits many nerves. It can take you out of your comfort zone but then turns around and makes the situation something that you can actually understand even though you wouldn’t want to be there personally. It goes from one man’s perception of the love of his life and soul mate and the death and complete destruction of his heart and soul as he tries to come to terms with her death and goes through the motions of grief without actually allowing him to grieve adequately. When he meets Nina, he can’t understand the connection they have. He wants to fight, yet he wants to drown and his grief. But after spending some time with Nina, he realizes that they have seen each other before. Though a lot of time has passed, he believes that she doesn’t remember. He works to get her to remember him and struggles through all of his crap to just drag himself through the surface of his overwhelming pain.

Nina has secret. She’s spent her whole life working two jobs just to try to better her life and the life of her daughter. She works so much that she doesn’t even get to watch her daughter grow up. She has to allow her grandmother to raise her just so she can try to make enough money to survive. She has dreams of someday getting to the point to where she can escape the crappy hand she’s been dealt and rise above her situation. Add to her stress is the fear she has from a past relationship. All of this makes a possible relationship seem impossible. Will they get passed the past to make a future with each other? That’s a question you’ll only learn by picking up this novel that will suck you in and make you spend every minute just to see what will happen next. Well written, great plot, no complaints whatsoever.