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  1. You have multiple personalities, describe some of them.

The real life her is an only child and Granny’s apple of the eye. A stigma that brings with it a sense that somehow she is selfish, self-absorbed, less happy, socially inept, her head is in the clouds, bad at sharing, incapable of being teased, a narcissist and always a spoiled brat.

Fortunately, she grew up surrounded by plenty of her cousins and friends and turned out to be independent, adventurous and perhaps a little too fearless thrill seeker, young at heart but a major weeper mother of three.

Her alter ego is an attention seeking, hopeless romantic author who melts over a tattooed heroine with 6-pack abs. Underneath her rhino skin exterior lies layers of insecurities.A perpetual doubter of her own creation but extremely proud of her ‘babies’. Her alter ego is very extrovert and a social media junkie. And just like in real life she’s a coffee addict.

  1. Name one of your favorite things about someone in your family.

My children’s names!They are long like three names altogether. My eldest name is Lady Guineverre Eidelweiss.

  1. Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.

No unique and quirky habit that I know of.  Probably my husband could tell.

  1. If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? (Example: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we all die.

Write your own destiny.

  1. What’s your fave book/series and author?

The universally loved  HP Series of J.K Rowling

  1. What started your interest in writing?

I’ve been an avid reader and a member of the Wattpad community. I aspired to be like my favorite authors. It’s true that when you haven’t read the book you wanted to read, write it. That aspiration turned to a dream and now a reality.