Are they worth the time and effort to even work them up and post them? What do you think? Go to the link and put your 2 cents worth in and enter the giveaway she has going.  Ok, so I have a book blogging friend that wanted to know about spotlights and the use of them.

Feel free to comment on this post but remember that if you want a chance at the giveaway, you must go to the link to enter.

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Because FB Has taken the poll button off of blogs I can’t do a poll asking what I want to know so I am just going to ask and your response really does matter and will help me out.

How many of you actually read Author Spotlights when they are posted?
Do they even matter to you or do you just like knowing the author’s name and what kind of books they write?

I see a lot of blogs doing spotlight contest but I wonder if anyone really reads them. I honestly don’t read the spotlights (hope that doesn’t look bad on me, I am just being honest). I am just interested in the author and what kind of books they write. If I am interested in that author I then go to their fb author page and look into them more.

To Enter:
I will choose one comment below to win an ebook of Surrender By: Author Jennifer Burrows! (Since she is my foster author for this week)

ALL you have to do is comment below with your answer!
I will close this giveaway Friday! Open to everyone!
FB has absolutely nothing to do with this Giveaway ERBB is responsible. Liking & sharing is much appreciated!